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New Tea Harvest Begins!!
Yay, it's tea season again! The time when we get to pick tea leaves with our parents and grandparents has started. We wake up super early and head out to the fields to find the best tea leaves. We have to be careful to only pick the young leaves that are soft and green.
After we fill our baskets with the tea leaves, we take them to the tea processing factory. It's really cool to see how the tea is made! First, the leaves are spread out on big tables to dry out a bit. Then they get rolled up into little balls and put in a machine that heats them up.
The tea smells amazing as it's being made. It makes me feel like I'm in a giant tea cup! I can't wait to taste the tea that comes from these leaves. Each year, the tea tastes a little different because of the weather and other things that affect the plants.
The tea season lasts for a few weeks, and there's always something to do. Sometimes we have to help with weeding or watering the plants. But mostly we get to run around the fields and have fun.
At the end of the day, we're all tired but happy. We've spent time with our families, learned about where our tea comes from, and got some exercise too! I can't wait for tomorrow to do it all over again.

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Based on 9 reviews

Smooth like silk on the palate. The scent of the roasted rice and matcha intemingling like the finest fragrance.

Excellent sencha. I did not taste any bitterness at all.

Glad I stumbled on this shop

I love that it’s organic and the pricing of the items is great. Enjoyed the tea. Fast shipping and very nicely packaged!

We're so glad you like our tea. We are a store that specializes in Japanese organic tea. We hope you can find the Japanese tea you want at the right price and the taste you prefer in our online store.

Highly recommend

Great flavor and aroma, highly recommend.

Thank you for your valuable review. :)

Highly recommend

Great flavor, aroma, and color (smells and looks fresh). Fast shipping and thoughtful packaging. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your valuable review. Thanks for enjoying our package. :)

My favourite

The taste is balanced And not too bitter

Thank you so much for sharing your taste review. :)

Balanced of sweetness and bitterness

This one is the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness for me. I am not fan of bitterness of tea but this combination of sweetness and little bitt of bitterness makes me feel energetic. I smell and taste the freshness with every sip in the morning. it contains 20 grams I feel the quantity is not too much. So now I wanna try their other matcha to compare.

Hello, Amber.
Thanks for leaving a thoughtful review about our matcha.

My Favorite Matcha

I have used this Koiai matcha for 3 years now since my Japanese friend recommend. I love it! It is the best I have tasted. It's fresh and nutty as well. I used to drink coffee every morning but now I make my own Matcha lattes at home. It is very dense because it is high quality ceremonial matcha so make sure you sift matcha for creamy and foaming.

Thank you for loving KOIAI Matcha. We will share this great review with our farmers. Thank you again.

Lacking customer service

I reached out twice to Osada Tea regarding my tea order, once before I bought the tea and once after regarding the discount that I did not apply and the first time a question about radiation. I never heard from anybody on either of my questions. Also the tea that I ordered tastes really bad and I don’t know why but I just can’t drink it so I was a bit of a waste of money for me and I will not be re-ordering