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Why OSADA TEA Samples?

Do you have enough options?

OSADATEA is a tea manufacturer and wholesaler that has produced more than 1,000 different types of products and processes more than 1,000 tons of tea annually.
From small to large any type and size of orders, just ask our team.

Did you find what your body daily craves?

Our mission is to support the Japanese tea industry and to provide the best Japanese teas for everyone. We hope your experience with OSADA TEA's sample teas encourages you to become a fan of Japanese tea.
Along with your passion and love for Japanese tea, we desire to be working together with you as business partners to expand Japanese tea all over the world.

Try our teas in various types and ways for finding your styles and tastes. TEA~ TEA~ TEA~🎵

"Do you like natural water or mineral water better for tea?"
"Do you like creamy milk, soy milk, or coconut milk? slightly sweet? or perhaps you like to make bread, ice cream, dessert, or use it as a topping. mocktails recipes? YEAH~!"
Try and find your desired temperature, amount, and taste.

So! Here is a retail-size sample that lets you try different flavors in multiple ways. Enjoy it!

We wish you will love Japanese tea, and enjoy drinking Japanese tea, as well as work together as business partners to expand Japanese tea all over the world.