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Who makes OSADA TEA's Organic?

One of Japan's leading tea-producing districts, Haruno-cho in Shizuoka, is known as the "Organic Village".
OSADA TEA began organic tea cultivation with the "Organic Village".
We had produced an organic product even 10 years earlier than "Organic JAS Certification" had begun in 2001, Japan.

The best-selling organic green tea product in Japan.

Our first organic product "Sencha Marugoto Monogatari" (煎茶まるごと物語) 'which is a powdered product made from all organic first tea leaves' was released in 1996.
It gained great popularity in Japan, where even the word "organic" was not well known at the time.

Start from 1,2,...and now

When "Organic JAS Certification" was started, OSADATEA immediately received the certification. OSADATEA has also acquired the ECOCERT certification, the world's leading organic certification organization.
Organic tea cultivation started at first by just two volunteers, has now spread to the entire local community.

The vision of Tatsumi OSADA's (2nd Generation)

"Take small feedback from customers and improve it immediately."
"We will always be the chosen one and continue to provide the best customer support. There was no hesitation in our decision to produce teas that our customers can enjoy with health and safety and to commit to organic cultivation. Profitability will only follow in the end."

Natsumi Osada (3rd Generation) inherits all thoughts

"Always take on new challenges."
"We live in a time when the world can change in the blink of an eye. We always repeat trial and error with new perspectives. It is just like organic farming itself."