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Traceable Batches

We have multiple quality control managers in the company.
Every single batch is verified and recorded. All batches can be traced back to which farm they came from, by whom, and when it was harvested.


OSADATEA is certified with FSSC22000 certification as an international standard facility for safety and security that manages food safety strictly.

NO Sterilization? Door NOT allow you to enter.

In the factory, workers change their shoes when entering a non-sanitary area from a sanitary area.
At that time, workers pass through an air shower to remove hair and fabrics from their clothes.
In addition, an alcohol sprayer is linked to the automatic door at the entrance, and the automatic door will not open without alcohol sterilization.

High Air Pressure & Shutters

OSADATEA's factory is maintained clean by filtering all air conditioners and airlines through an air filter. Moreover, the air pressure in the sanitary area is higher than that in the non-sanitary area to prevent insects and dust from entering the factory.
There are two shutters connecting the outside to the storage area, which do not open at the same time. This prevents the entry of dust and insects as well.

Store -10°C (14℉)

Tea leaves are immediately vacuum-packed and stored in a -10°C (14℉) fridge.
The production line is completely wood-free and highly automated, and the line is designed to be able to meet the needs of a variety of different customers.

Goodbye To Foreign Matter, Metal Fragments

All tea leaves we manufacture are screened by a high-performance camera to remove any foreign matter. The highly sensitive metal detector removes metal fragments from the tea leaves by sensing them even if the tea leaves are contaminated with metal fragments.

Our facilities hold many certifications and permits


 Organic JAS certification

✔︎ climate and environmental protection
✔︎ conservation of soil fertility
✔︎ preservation of biodiversity
✔︎ respect for natural cycles and animal welfare
✔︎ absence of use of chemical and synthetic products
✔︎ absence of GMO
✔︎ transparent labeling for consumers