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Discover the unique, refreshing aroma and savory umami of OG Gyokuro Saemidori.

Grown in one of Japan's finest tea regions, Kagoshima Kirishima, it's a single origin green tea that is shaded for 20-25 days before the annual spring harvest.

Light steamed with a roasting level of 6, this tea has a high caffeine level.

An exceptional craftsmanship by Nishi Farm, this green tea is made in Japan using only Japanese materials.

For 1 serving
(1) Amount of tea leaves: 1.5 tsp (6g) (0.21oz)
(2) Add 100ml (3.38oz) hot water 50℃ (122℉)
(3) Steeping time: 140 seconds (2min 20sec)

OG Gyokuro SAEMIDORI cultivar is a combination of the YABUKITA and ASATSUYU cultivars.
It yields a GYOKURO with vibrant green leaves and a powerful UMAMI.
Delivering the utmost in og Gyokuro quality.

Special Notes
Experience the distinctive, refreshing smell of SAEMIDORI along with the savory UMAMI of GYOKURO.

The story behind of production
This OG Gyokuro Saemidori is sourced from a single origin in Kagoshima Kirishima.

Osada Tea Japan Final Roasting Master SAKUYA
Final Roasting Master SAKUYA's Comments
The deliciousness and delightful aroma are at the forefront, subduing the KUBUSE fragrance.
More than just the stickiness of Gyokuro, this one slides down your throat with ease. Top notch raw material, so it stands up to a scorching heat.

Ingredients: OG Green Tea
Duration of tea leaf sun shaded: 20-25 days
Harvest: Spring (First Flush)
Farm: Nishi Farm
Region: Kagoshima, Japan
Expect Annual Production: 600kg / 1,323 lbs
Manufacturer: OSADA Seicha Co., Ltd.
GTIN (JAN): 4986426081433
Steaming: Light
Roasting Level: 6
Caffeine Level: High
Origin: Made in Japan with Japanese Material
Special Note: Nishi No.1 Skillful Farmer
Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 4.72 x 0.59 inches; 1.0 Ounces
Keeping Method: Best within 30 days after opening
Serving: 2-3 times with the same tea leaves
(Recommend a higher temperature than the first brewing.)


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