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[OT-61] ORGANIC BANCHA (30g/1oz)

[OT-61] ORGANIC BANCHA (30g/1oz)

[OT-61] ORGANIC BANCHA (30g/1oz)

Osada's BANCHA is a premium, organic product from Japan.

The leaves are picked late for enhanced quality and are carefully roasted to keep the flavor fresh.

This tea has a pale yellow hue, with no astringency or sweetness, and is characterized by a subtle savory taste.

Certified Organic, it is harvested in winter from the Shizuoka region of Japan and is steamed using the medium CHUMUSHI process with a roasting level of 4. 

This organic tea is the perfect accompaniment to your daily routine.

For 1 serving
(1) Amount of tea leaves: 1 tsp (4g) (0.14oz)
(2) Add 200ml (6.76oz) hot water 95℃ (203℉)
(3) Steeping time: 50 seconds

The tea leaves are characterized by their large size, hard texture, and deep green hue.

Special Notes
This Organic Bancha possesses a pale yellow hue, with tea clarity and lack of turbidity.
It has no sweetness or astringency, and a subtle savory flavor is detected on the nose.

The story behind of production
Organic Bancha harvested during Fall in the Isagawa Region, providing a clean and revitalizing flavor.

Osada Tea Japan Final Roasting Master SAKUYA
Final Roasting Master SAKUYA's Comments 
The leaves are biggies 'cause they're late-picked for top-notch quality.
Roasted with care to ensure its scent is straight-up fresh.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea
Certification: Organic
Cultivar: YABUKITA
Harvest: Winter
Farm: Shizuoka
Region: Japan
Expect Annual Production: 6,000kg / 13,228lbs
Manufacturer: OSADA Seicha Co., Ltd.
GTIN (JAN): 4986426081716
Steaming: Medium (CHUMUSHI)
Roasting Level: 4
Caffeine Level: Medium
Origin: Made in Japan with Japanese Material
Special Note: Economical and Recommend to drink very daily
Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 4.72 x 0.59 inches; 1.0 Ounces
Keeping Method: Best within 30 days after opening
Serving: 2-3 times with the same tea leaves
(Recommend a higher temperature than the first brewing.)


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