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Matcha Powdering Process and Characteristics

Matcha is tea leaves ground to a fine powder of about 10 microns. The finest ones are down to 5 microns.

Salt averages 400 microns, corn starch 20 to 70 microns, and wheat flour 30 to 60 microns, so you can see how fine matcha is.

This fineness allows for smoothness, deep flavor, bright color, and mild foam. If the size of the grains is irregular, the matcha will not be smooth. In addition, the aroma and flavor of matcha will be lost if heat from the grinding.

The stone grinder is heavy, so it can grind evenly and the grains are uniform. In addition, because the stone mill grinds the matcha slowly, heat is not easily generated, producing matcha of high quality.

The millstone must be turned slowly because if the temperature rises too high, the quality of the matcha may be reduced. One millstone can produce about 40 grams of matcha in one hour.

The taste, aroma, color, and foaming, we can enjoy matcha with all five senses because of the high quality of matcha produced by the stone mills.

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