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常滑焼 北龍作 陶製茶こし急須230CC 【国内発送限定】

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    We've chosen this simply elegant, zen-like Kyusu teapot as our go-to.

    We are excited to offer it for shipping for its quality to price balance, pleasant feel, ease of use, and effective brewing ability.


    This Kyusu is a Tokoname Hokuryu, hand-made by third generation producer, Mr. Tatsuo Umehara.


    Umehara-san hand makes each lid to fit the teapot's body just right, leaving no crevice, thereby creating a nice feel when handling.


    The filter is sasame style, making this teapot perfect for light steamed or mountain teas.


    Tokoname teapots carry with them the tradition and history of Japan dating back to the Edo period, making them authentic for use in brewing Japanese teas or as a souvenir for lovers of oriental culture.


    The clays used in shaping these teapots are naturally high in iron content; as the tea and water brew, the tea tannins come into contact with this naturally occuring iron, and the bitterness is suppressed, making it a beneficial brewing utensil.