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organic Kabusecha 100g

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    This tea is produced from the okumidori cultivar.

    The leaves are covered 1 to 2 weeks during cultivation, as indicated by the name "kabuse" tea, deriving from the verb kabuseru (to cover). Kabusecha is categorized as a tea between high quality sencha and gyokuro.


    By limiting the arount of sunglight that comes into direct contact with the leaves during the tea plant's growth period, we can minimalize the chemical conversion of naturally ocurring amino acids (in this case theanine) into catechin. As a consequence of this style of cultivation, the tea's astringency is suppressed and umami is brought out when brewed.


    The tea's green liquor is also very pretty.
    By all means enjoy this tea along with a sweet or snack of choice.



    ■Content: 100g
    ■Expiration date: 1 year
    ■Certified Organic through Ecocert
    ECOCERT is an international organic accreditation body based in France. It is one of the world's largest organic certification organizations, which is said to be the world standard for organic certification organizations, and has gained a high reputation and trust as an international first-class organic certification mark

    Blended by a Japanese tea instructor certified by the Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Association and 

    Champion holder of Japan’s 56th National Tea Tasting competition

    All our organic teas incorporate (food grade) nitrogen gas packaging to preserve freshness