Organic Matcha Series Traditional Colors of Japan

Traditional Japanese colors are used in OSADA TEA JAPAN's packages and product names.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have cultivated a traditional sense of color in the way of life and the four seasons.

The traditional colors of Japan that live deeply in our daily lives are very beautiful, emotional, and very valuable as one of Japanese culture.

Please enjoy the collaboration of the color of tea and Japanese that has been in the middle of Japanese life for a long time.

OSADA TEA JAPAN's matcha is a delicious matcha that is thick green and has a condensed flavor because it is covered with a clear tea garden with rich natural air and is grown through sunlight.

We have prepared five types of koiai, Kogamo, Kakitsubata, Hamanas, and Uguisu.

If you live far away from Japan, we hope you will enjoy it while feeling Japan.