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Haruno village in the mountains of west Shizuoka

The organic tea plantation, a few angles of which are explored in the this photos, is located in Isagawa, an area within Haruno village in the mountains of west Shizuoka within the greater Tenryu District.

Isagawa plantation is situated so that there is no chance of drift; it is a stand-alone plantation surrounded with nice mountain views. The plantation itself runs from 300-540m in altitude. Isagawa is referred to as “organic valley”, and Haruno village is a well-known mountain area for tea its tasty tea production, along-side with Tenryu tea and Mori-Machi tea brands in the same general vicinity.

The teas of this area enjoy natural shading from nearby mountain slopes and natural fog / mist in the atmosphere. Osada Tea’s post refining factory and headquarters is in Mori-Machi- from which the calming drive to Isagawa plantation is about a 40 minutes north into the mountains.

Size: 30 ha

Isagawa is located just along a main river water source (Fudou river and Tenryu Suikei River) that runs downstream to lower sectors from the mountain. This water is drinkable as is and you can fill your water bottle with the natural mountain water in some spots when hiking / driving up.

That said, one reasons the Isagawa organic producers do organic is to avoid the inevitable pollution and damage to the environment that the local natural environment would incur if they used chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

For this reason a move to encourage all farmers who are situated in natural environments where organic cultivation is possible, and are not yet making the switch, to do so is underway. It is likely best as we as sellers of Japanese tea need to find the best avenues to meet the growing organic demand, while adhering to production methods that are good for the local environment and good for future generations.
Our stance is to work with, not against nature. This is where our business model is founded in many respects.

The dynamic interplay of overseas demand, back no nature and organic / wellness trend, end consumers, farmers capability, and others is an interesting one. Osada Seicha (brand: Osada Tea Japan) acts as a pivot, welcoming visitors directly, educating, and engaging in business to allow this interplay to grow seamlessly.

What an honor to work with so many tea lovers of like-mind and similar interests in Japan

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